The Block Glasshouse

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29.5 out of 30….What do you mean Second Place!

It’s not easy to keep secrets like this but finally we can announce that Greenside Landscapes were again lucky enough to be involved with Channel Nine’s The Block Glasshouse. I received a call from Carlene after the Terrace week had already started which meant we were always going to be under the pump.

I was reluctant to commit over the phone so quickly headed in to meet Michael & Carlene and see what we were up against. After listening to what Michael and Carlene had planned we discussed some additional ideas and concepts that would be achievable and most importantly appeal to the judges.  From there it was head down bum up to make sure we delivered. In true Block style it was a #&$% fight with other trades all under the pump to get things done. The Block, Keith and mother nature threw everything at us but we managed to finish what I would consider the perfect entertainers terrace.


Shaynna Blaze – “WOW”  –  9.5

Darren Palmer – “I am completely in Love with it”…”The perfect urban Oasis”  –  10

Neale Whitaker – “It just works sooo beautifully…It’s just incredible”  –  10

Thanks Michael and Carlene for giving Greenside the opportunity to help create your magical terrace space. Thanks to my team for the LOOOONG hours and late nights that got us over the line.

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