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If you are a Gardening Enthusiast then you may already know about this website….but if you don’t then I suggest you save it to your BOOKMARKS.

This great website offers soooooo much useful information about all things gardening. Be careful though as most of the content is written for the northern hemisphere so remember to flip the seasons…If talk is to plant in June then that is our Nov/Dec.

I did go on now to write a brief description of some of the content but it got a little out of hand…so just follow the link above and have a look around the site for yourself.


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Spring is here!

Now that Spring is here it’s time to get back out in the garden. You may have noticed blossoms and now new leaves and new growth in your garden which means plants are coming out of their winter dormancy. Here are some things you can do to prepare your garden for summer…

– Screen trees such as Waterhousia, Ficus, Syzygium etc can be pruned to encourage new growth. This come be done by simply clipping the ends of branches to neaten the tree up, or you can be a little bit more aggressive to promote strong new growth. A common approach by a lot of people is to not clip the tops of their screen trees, however clipping the tops will help the trees become fuller through the middle and therefore providing better privacy. Don’t worry, the trees will still grow taller but with a more dense and healthy habit.

– Certain strappy leaf plants can be fully clipped back. This is something that can be done from early winter until early spring. Some strappy leaf plants don’t require clipping so be sure to check with your local Green Thumb, nursery or google!

– Lawn is also coming back to life after the cold Melbourne winter and now is the perfect time to rid it of weeds like Winter grass, Clover and Bindi (prickles). The best way to do this is in two simple steps…Firstly get yourself a hand held pump spray pack and spray you grass with a Winter Grass weed killer. Then 7 to 14 days later you can spray it again but this time using a Bindi & Clover killer which should cover most broad leaf weeds as well. You can get all you need from Bunnings. Try to avoid using “Weed & Feed” as it won’t work well and you need to put too much onto the ground meaning lots of chemicals. Using chemicals that target certain weeds through a spray bottle is a much better approach. Make sure you follow the mixing instructions as using more is simply a waste.

Fertilising both your garden beds and lawn can also be done. There are numerous options on the market for your garden but I find the sandy slow release fertiliser the easiest to apply and works well.  There are also a number of slow release lawn fertilisers available. During summer you could also give the garden a boost with Seasol which can be applied monthly. I prefer to use a watering can for Seasol and follow mixing instructions.

– Mulching…Although some people like the decorative appeal of a pine bark and coloured pine bark, it offers very little benefit to your garden. Try using a quality mulch that will help the soil retain water, minimise evaporation and break down over time to give some nutrients back to the soil. You can have this delivered from your local garden supplies for usually $20. Ask for Euchy mulch, Mulch Master or something similar.

– Vegetable patches…if you are like most then you only really plant and maintain a vege patch over the warmer months. Pick up some bags of compost and pea straw and dig it into the soil now so it has time to breakdown. Come the 1st of November your vege patch will be ready to go.

Time to get those hands dirty!


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Apartment Living – How to grow tomatos


If you live in an apartment or unit you might think you don’t have the space to grow any fruit/vegetables. Well here are some tips on how to grow tomatos with limited space, time or money. Checkout the slideshow above and follow the step by step instructions below and you will be enjoying home grown tomatos in no time! You will need the following…1 x bag of potting mix, 2 x tomato seedlings, a blade or scissors, screw driver.

1) Go down to Bunnings and pick up a bag of premium potting mix and 2 x tomato seedlings. Get 2 different types, for example Cherry Tomatos and Roma or Big Reds as you will more likely consume more if they can be used for different meals/salads etc.

2) Take the knife (or scissors) and cut the bag of potting mix through the middle on one side only. Grab the cut bag underneath from the middle and lift it up so both halves are now standing upright. Do this outside as it will be a little messy!

3) Cut the other half of the bag to separate them and push the sides in to make them both a more round shape. This will help them stand upright on their own.

4) Place the bags in a position where they will receive the most sun, this might be a spot in your courtyard, a balcony or on a window sill. Plant one seedling in each bag.

5) Finally pierce each bag around the bottom about 6 times with a screw driver or similar for drainage. DON’T do little slits with a knife because if you try to carry the bags to a new location they are more likely to split open. Water each plant with approx 500ml of water every 2nd day or daily after extremely hot days.

HINTS…try to place plants near a wall or hand rail as you will want to tie up the plants when they get grow taller. If keeping the plants inside by a window, place an old towel under each plant to absorb any excess water.

Vegetable Planting for Summer

Vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular in landscape design as people are realising the importance of organic foods. However you don’t need a professionally designed garden to introduce a small veggie patch. There are many ways you can start or build your own veggie patch and in as little time as 4 to 6 weeks you could be enjoying your very own home grown organic foods. If you don’t think you have the room then check back in a few weeks when I post some cool ideas on how to get your own veggie patch even if you live in an apartment!

For more information on how to build your own raised veggie patch click here .  This link provides a lot of good information on how to get the best out of your garden. If you have any other questions you can always send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Below are a list of popular veggies that will do well over the coming summer…

Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots, Celery, Chives, Chilli, Coriander, Cucumber,

Leeks, All kinds of Lettuce, Oregano, Parsley, Parsnip, Pumpkin, Radish, Rocket, Silverbeet,

Squash, Corn, Tomatoes, Spinach, Watermelon, Zucchini.

All of the above can be planted in full sun and harvest times will vary from 6 to 14 weeks depending on what it is, location, soil quality etc.

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