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If you are a Gardening Enthusiast then you may already know about this website….but if you don’t then I suggest you save it to your BOOKMARKS.

This great website offers soooooo much useful information about all things gardening. Be careful though as most of the content is written for the northern hemisphere so remember to flip the seasons…If talk is to plant in June then that is our Nov/Dec.

I did go on now to write a brief description of some of the content but it got a little out of hand…so just follow the link above and have a look around the site for yourself.


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New Product – Out Deco

gal19-LFS.jpgGal2-Lantern.jpggal24-Marakesh.jpgGal3-Mahjong.jpgOUTDECO-Mahjong Fence01aW.jpgOUTDECO-marakesh01aW.jpgOUTDECO-Osaka-01bW.jpgPoly Waz Screen.jpg

OUTDECO Garden Screens  (Click on images to enlarge)

  • Robust & Hardwearing
  • All Australian Made & Owned
  • Made from Renewable Australian Hardwood tailings
  • Hardwood product resistant to run-off weathering, bloat and rot
  • Cut, fix, sand and paint or seal using standard handyman timberwork tools
  • Provides 75% Privacy Blockout
  • 1200mmx600mm sheets easy for DIY

OUTDECO Gardenscreen is an astute product that in essence takes the versatility, usability and achievability of trellis, but creates unparalelled visual effect to rival the design values of designer lasercut architectural features.

Aspirations of the traditional aussie backyard with pailing fence, lawn and Hills Hoist have transformed into the designer “outdoor room” and all of us want to get more out of this intimate, tranquil space. However we generally have less space and more imposing neighbours. With its aesthetic wow factor and its privacy value Outdeco’s Gardenscreen ticks many boxes on the wish list of outdoor living lovers.

The modular nature allows the product to be used in many ways. First and foremost it is a great partner to decking, creating vertical features around the deck space, shrouding and/or extending a pailing fence, shed, watertank or pool utilities. Other features may include gazebos, collumns, building facades, partitions gates. Its versatile nature means it has the ability to be used in a variety of styles and themes from a small domestic garden project to large commercial applications.

As a timber-based product, it is also easy to carry, fix and finish. Each unit weighs 4-5kg and its 1200x600mm size makes it easy to transport. Like many timber material it can be fixed with screws nailgun, adhesive or combination of these. It can be cut, drilled and sanded like timber. It can be left untreated to weather like a deck (or it can be coated in a decking product or exterior paint).

For more information visit or contact Brendan @ Greenside via the “Email Us” link at the top of the page. We are the recommended installer for Out Deco screens in the bayside area.


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