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Rolling For Aspergers

There’s only 1 week remaining until Charlie Duncan embarks on his mission to skateboard 1,815km from Melbourne to Byron Bay. Why you ask…to raise awareness and money for Aspergers Australia.

When Charlie came to me and said he wanted to take 6 weeks off to complete his mission I almost fell over…but since then I’ve seen him training, preparing, chasing sponsors and organising fund raising events to make sure it’s a success.

It takes a certain type of person to take on something this huge. Dedicated and selfless best describe Charlie and I guess you could add crazy in there somewhere…1815km…he’s absolutely mad!

I’d like to wish him all the best on this skateboarding mission. Fingers crossed for a safe and smooth trip with a tail wind!

Look after yourself Charlie, we have a few busy months coming up at Greenside!

If you would like to support Charlie by making a donation then follow the link.


The Block Glasshouse

The Block Glasshouse 01The Block Glasshouse 02The Block Glasshouse 03The Block Glasshouse 04The Block Glasshouse 05The Block Glasshouse 06The Block Glasshouse 07The Block Glasshouse 08The Block Glasshouse 09The Block Glasshouse 10

29.5 out of 30….What do you mean Second Place!

It’s not easy to keep secrets like this but finally we can announce that Greenside Landscapes were again lucky enough to be involved with Channel Nine’s The Block Glasshouse. I received a call from Carlene after the Terrace week had already started which meant we were always going to be under the pump.

I was reluctant to commit over the phone so quickly headed in to meet Michael & Carlene and see what we were up against. After listening to what Michael and Carlene had planned we discussed some additional ideas and concepts that would be achievable and most importantly appeal to the judges.  From there it was head down bum up to make sure we delivered. In true Block style it was a #&$% fight with other trades all under the pump to get things done. The Block, Keith and mother nature threw everything at us but we managed to finish what I would consider the perfect entertainers terrace.


Shaynna Blaze – “WOW”  –  9.5

Darren Palmer – “I am completely in Love with it”…”The perfect urban Oasis”  –  10

Neale Whitaker – “It just works sooo beautifully…It’s just incredible”  –  10

Thanks Michael and Carlene for giving Greenside the opportunity to help create your magical terrace space. Thanks to my team for the LOOOONG hours and late nights that got us over the line.

Outdoor BBQ Entertaining Area

BBQ Area frameBBQ Area frame 2Outdoor BBQ entertaining areaOutdoor BBQ entertaining area 2

Why Don’t We Have A Barby!

If you haven’t used those words already this summer then no doubt it will be something you say in the next few weeks. The mild Melbourne summer nights are the perfect time for entertaining and why not do it with style. Above is a casual outdoor BBQ area where you can have a few beers and talk about the recent 5/nil Ashes victory, only metres from the more formal decked sitting area.

The posts are Cypress Pine from Lifetime Pine which have been oiled and the roof is 190mm primed which has been painted in Colorbond Monument to match the fascia and gutters on the house. The benches are all covered with Spotted Gum and oiled with a natural decking oil. The Tinted U.V. roofing will keep the area dry and the water run off will be re-directed to feed existing garden beds. In this case the fence is old and weathered so Outdeco privacy screens have been used to block out the fence. The floor has been finished with Bluestone pavers from Granite Works.

This type of thing can be fully custom built with many options. These may include…Custom stone bench tops, lift up seats for hidden storage, solid rendered walls to block out weather or screen out fences or neighbours. Why not include a space for a fridge. If this type of thing would be a good addition to you back yard then please feel free to contact us.

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The Block Sky High

To answer some common questions you may have please read below:

– The trees used in the landscape were Japanese Maples (feature trees) and Waterhousia Floribunda (green thin leaf screening tree)

– The BBQ is an electric BBQ supplied by My Alfresco – CLICK HERE for details

– The pavers were Mid Grey Granite pavers supplied by Granite Works

Here are some photos from Matt & Kim’s landscape. The judges gave it 28/30 and loved the space.

If you have any questions about the space please feel free to send a message via our Contact Us page.

2013-05-18 10.24.07.jpg2013-05-17 23.44.04.jpg2013-05-18 10.15.12.jpg2013-05-18 11.02.33.jpg2013-05-18 11.03.13.jpg2013-05-18 11.17.29.jpgBlock1.jpgLong view1.jpg